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Woolah Tea, a sustainable brand with a mission to empower growers and farm workers, brings you an authentic and high-quality tea experience. Sourced from the heart of Assam, their tea is pure, free from adulteration, and committed to spreading freshness worldwide. Offering a diverse range of teas, including black, green, white, and flavoured options, Woolah Tea is dedicated to sustainability, providing organic teas free from pesticides and growth promoters. Elevate your tea experience with Woolah, where quality meets conscience.

Key Achievements


MoM Revenue Growth


ROAS Increased in 3 Months


AOV Increased

₹ 25 Lacs +

Within 3 months of operations
Woolah Tea Story

Woolah Tea: Elevating Tea Culture Sustainably. Authentic, pure, and sourced from Assam, our range includes black, green, white, and flavoured organic teas. Committed to empowering growers, our mission is to spread freshness globally. Quality with a conscience defines Woolah Tea.

Brands Objectives

Woolah Tea embarked on its marketing journey with ROI Magnet, aiming to establish its revenue potential from the ground up. The primary objective was to seamlessly integrate essential tracking codes and analytical tools for comprehensive marketing insights. Given the recurring nature of the tea business, Woolah Tea sought to delve into the retention funnel. Additionally, the brand aimed to conduct creative experiments, particularly with video content, for use in advertising and social media promotions.


  • As the brand was starting from scratch, 10% of the budget was allocated to the awareness funnel.

  • We persuaded the founders to create videos in the tea plantation field for advertising purposes in addition to regular graphic creatives for the ads.

  • We deployed 70% budget on Meta and remaining 30% on Google ads

  • We collaborated with influencers to produce videos for use in our ads.

  • We developed a distinctive strategy for generating repeat purchases through dynamic product ads on Meta and YouTube ads on Google along with WhatsApp.

  • We maintained regular communication with Meta support to address any concerns related to ad account disablement and ad disapproval

Campaign Types & Tools Used
  • Conversion Campaign

  • PPE

  • Traffic

  • Search Ads

  • Performance Max

  • YouTube

  • Standard Shopping

  • Universal Analytics(Google Analytics), GA4

  • MS Clarity

  • GoKwik

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