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We are ROI Magnet 😊

We're not your everyday marketing agency. We're a team of tech-savvy, data-driven dream chasers. Whether it's smooth sailing or navigating rough waters, we're committed to making clients' ambitions a reality.

As digital navigators, we seek treasures within Meta and Google, transforming challenges into thrilling opportunities🚀😎

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Our Story 📖

ROI Magnet didn't just appear out of thin air; it was a spark ignited in the mind of our CEO, Sanket. After spending more than 5 years in the agency business, he had an epiphany. He saw a need to make advertising accessible to all Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands, and at prices that make sense.

Today, ROI Magnet is your go-to performance marketing agency. We've evolved from a tiny 3-person team into a close-knit family. Our unique human touch is an integral part of everything we do, and it's reflected in the work we put out into the world.

We believe in a balanced approach. While attracting new customers is important, we also understand the significance of keeping our existing customers happy. Our commitment is to provide D2C brands with everything they need under one roof - from state-of-the-art account management to SEO expertise, ad creative developments, Video/Photography, Shopify Development, and much more.


We don't see a strict line between us and our clients; it's more of an unfiltered partnership. This relationship highlights the simplicity of not just doing business but also growing together. When you succeed, we succeed, and vice versa.


We're always on the hunt for the next big thing. Innovation is at our core, and we work relentlessly to stay at the forefront of the industry. By consistently delivering top-notch services, we've earned the trust and loyalty of clients who are not just with us; they're flourishing with us.


Join us at ROI Magnet and be part of our journey. Together, we're redefining the world of performance marketing by merging technology with a human touch to bring you unparalleled results. Your success is our success, and we're excited to embark on this adventure with you!

The Team 🙍🏻
Sanket's photo 2.jpg

Sanket Padekar

Founder & CEO

Akshay's photo 2.jpeg

Akshay Shah

Sr. Manager

Vivek's photo 2.jpeg

Vivek Rathod

Marketplaces Manager

Pratik photo.jpeg

Pratik Aklekar

Business Development Manager

mayanks photo.png

Mayank Thakur

Manager - Graphics

Rishikesh's Photo HR.jpeg

Rishikesh Bardeo


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