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Current Daily Spends
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jewellery brand launched from zero to here.png

From ₹0 to ₹70 Lacs achieved for a jewellery D2C brand in 10 months with ROAS of 3.5X

From ₹0 to ₹50 Lacs achieved for a mens footwear D2C brand in 4 months with ROAS of 2.5X

footwera brand scaled to ₹ 1 lac per day.png
1 million dollars achived.png

$1 million revenue achieved for an apparel brand in the USA with ROAS of 2.7X in 2 years

Revenue doubled in 3 months for a D2C petcare brand with 2X ROAS

Pet care brand doing 1 million per month.png
Jewelelly brand achiving more than 20k per day .png

Shopify MVP was developed for a jewellery D2C brand, achieving ₹20k revenue per day with ROAS of 4X in the first month.

3 months of no revenue to ₹1.2 Lac revenue for a struggling activewear  D2C brand with a ROAS of 1.8X

Newly launched activewear brand .png

Consistently achieving 4.4X plus ROAS for personal care D2C brand on Meta ads in last 3 months

₹34 Lac revenue achieved for a D2C brand in 3 months with ROAS of 3.79X on Google Ads

google ads 2, 4X ROAS.png
google ads 1 cr.png

₹1 Cr revenue achieved for personal care brand with ROAS of 3.67X on Google ads.

Successfully maintained the ACoS of 14% for a bags & accessories D2C brand on Amazon PPC

14% acos achived.png
amazon 15% acos achived.png

₹3 Cr achieved on Amazon with ACoS of 15%. Total 500+ campaign actively managing on Amazon PPC dashboard.

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