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Goofy Tails, a premium pet supplies company, originated from a deep love for animals over a decade ago. Starting as an information portal, it quickly disrupted the pet industry, evolving into a family-driven venture. Goofy Tails specializes in top-quality pet toys, supplies, and nutritious food. 

Key Achievement


MoM Revenue Growth


MoM Retention Rate


Single Category Contribution


Funding Raised
Goofy Tails Story

Goofy Tails, a brand focused on providing durable toys, quality supplies, and nutritious pet food. Rooted in love for animals, it stands as a testament to passion and commitment. From humble origins to a dynamic force, Goofy Tails showcases the transformative power of dedication and innovation in the pet industry.

Brands Objectives

Goofy Tails sought a comprehensive digital partner to manage all aspects of its online presence, including performance marketing, Amazon PPC, SEO, retention strategies, and social media management. Their objectives included increasing repeat customers for fresh food products, establishing reliable revenue from both marketplaces and their direct-to-consumer websites, enhancing brand awareness, and accurately calculating customer acquisition costs for new users.

  • In order to achieve sustainable growth and revenue, we started quarterly plans where in seasonality, which products to promote and retention plan was done at the start of the quarter. This helped us stay relevant, manage the inventory properly, and have a competitive advantage.

  • In order to achieve the best CAC, we deployed carpet bombing, fission, and other DPA and non-DPA category-wise ads. This helped us to keep CAC in check.

  • By studying the recorded sessions on the website, we suggested changes on the website to make it UX-friendly

  • We diversified the budgets appropriately across all ad platforms to get optimum ROAS

  • We used WebEngage to achieve the best possible retention % possible

  • We use algorithms to micro-manage campaigns without sending campaigns in the learning phase.

Campaign Types & Tools Used
  • Conversion Campaign

  • PPE

  • Traffic

  • Search Ads

  • Performance Max

  • YouTube

  • Discovery

  • Standard Shopping

  • Taboola

● Universal Analytics(Google Analytics), GA4

● MS Clarity

● WebEngage

● Data Studio

● Velocity

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