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Born from the visionary minds of a sibling duo, Brick Brown is dedicated to curating and crafting exceptional home and kitchen essentials. Their collection boasts a wide range of innovative products, from beautifully printed platters to versatile organizers, all designed with a commitment to international quality. Inspired by global trends in home and kitchen essentials, we transform ideas into reality with our team of skilled craftsmen.

Key Achievement

We had very good success with Google ads, which also helped us to maintain the best possible ROAS.
After deploying certain offers we were getting good AOV and revenue every day.
We successfully convinced the client for the creation of videos on their iPhone, which helped us to get the best CTR and CPC.

₹ 75,000

Highest Revenue In A Day
Brands Objectives

Brick Brown, a brand driven by the vision to offer top-tier home and kitchen essentials, sought to elevate its digital presence. Their objectives encompassed achieving a remarkable 4x ROAS while simultaneously increasing AOV. They were keen on partnering with a proficient team capable of managing all critical services efficiently, backed by seamless communication. Recognizing the importance of captivating creatives, Brick Brown aimed to elevate its creative game. Additionally, they aspired to experiment with retention strategies to boost customer loyalty. Lastly, their journey included a deep dive into the intricacies of Google Ads, an unexplored territory until then.

  • In order to achieve a decent consistency, we categorize our TOF campaign according
    to the categories that are available on the website.

  • In order to look better, we wrote good copies and tried all types of creatives like
    carousel, instant experience, and video ads.

  • We improved the targeting and diversified the budgets across Meta and Google. This
    improved the LPV/OBC ratio beyond 90%.

  • We integrated all the tracking codes, GMC, Feed, and UTMs for better tracking.

  • We separately started retargeting for ViewContent, AddToCart, and Past Purchases.

  • We started with retention marketing with the help of Zoko.

Campaign Types & Tools Used
  • Sales Campaign

  • PPE

  • Search Ads

  • Performance Max

  • Advantage Shopping Campaign 

● Universal Analytics(Google Analytics), GA4

● MS Clarity

● Zoko

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